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  • If he has lots of med kits, he might heal up a lot? That's the only option I see there. "Nothing is safe" is true. It's a survival game after all. ;) But I get what you mean. Some players are stuffed with resources, which makes them godlike to some…
  • Go to the sea shore, like the beach and face the water. Then attack (space) with your fishing rod in hand. You will randomly find fish that way. The hammer repairs cars. Wrenches and crowbars are just melee weapons.
  • That'd make the game pay 2 win, which I personally don't like too much. :)
    in Immune Packs Comment by Ethan July 2017
  • That's actually not a bad idea with the backpack. :)
  • On November 29 there was an update which reduced the drops of Explosives. I will keep an eye on the balancing. Thanks for letting me know!
  • Good luck with that ;)
  • Oh yes I understood you in the first place, don't worry! I just thought one step ahead, giving people a new backpack model/look also for a bigger one. So you can show off with it.
  • You mean the buildings should be immune to damage, too, when you are a saint? That would enforce griefing too much. That's why you are losing karma even when attacking skull players. Some players just trolled too hard while beeing saint. A bigger b…
  • Thanks for your ideas. ;) I will finish the map soon!
  • I like the idea to protect newbies, but to avoid abuse I would rather think about sth. like a spawn protection that protects you from damage untill you are attacking the first time (or sth. in that direction). There hasn't been a perfect solution, y…
  • My next tasks are finishing up the map, so I guess your 7th point is my next one. :)
  • Thanks for your ideas! The red ring under a player/NPC has 4 states and already indicates the health! :)
    in Few idea's Comment by Ethan August 2016
  • Sorry I must have missed this thread! I am more active on the Steam forums, since most players are there: First of all you don't spawn on your bed if you die near it! Getting stuck in colliders migh…
  • What was the problem? Some kind of joystick/gamepad/steering wheel maybe?
    in I found a bug Comment by Ethan June 2016
  • What stores do you mean? And with blocking you mean body blocking, right? Make sure you don't stand in corners, so one person can't body block you. Maybe I need to change how people block each other some time, anyway.
  • Sorry for the late response. I am more active in the Steam forums! Cool ideas you got there - I already have a plan for the doors. There will be codes you can use to open your doors. More social features to find friends faster etc. are planned, too…
  • Thanks slove! More cars and content will come over time when the game mechanics (like driving!) get more refined. :) Today there was an update with fresh content. Check it out!
  • There are a few restrictions to the bed: If you die right next to it, you will spawn somehwere else. Or if you die 2 times within about 60 seconds, you will also spawn somehwere else. Maybe that's what happened there?
  • That's also the case. So you have to wait and you have to be lucky. It's the minimum protection to be sure people don't get massive drops while others get nothing. It's to keep it balanced. This system is also recommended by Valve so I was just foll…
    in Drops Comment by Ethan December 2015
  • Well you got the veteran helmet as unique item which will never be dropped again after the game goes free 2 play. That means that one will probably rise in its price when it goes f2p. And you get more Steam item drops than the free 2 play players. A…
    in Drops Comment by Ethan December 2015
  • This has been requested a few times now. I'll think about it when more basic things are done. This would change a few things so it's not easy to do at the moment. But I get the idea behind it. :)
    in Belt Comment by Ethan December 2015
  • Cows, pigs and other animals might be vegetarians, too. ;)
  • Yes that happens sometimes. There's already a small fix that the NPCs run away from the water but it turns out that it doesn't work all the time. Will look into this some time soon, thanks for letting me know!
  • Sorry for the late response! Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I think it'd be cool to break items into their basic vradting materials. Not sure about the blueprints though, because I wanted to keep the system simple. But I know what you mean from R…
  • I am playing CS GO myself so I know where you are heading. :) That's actually a cool idea. There will be more hat boxes coming for now, but for the long run ideas like this would be cool, too, to keep players engaged. Sorry for my late response by …
  • Oh thanks a lot for spotting that bug, I just found out what you meant by testing it. Will fix that one with the next update!
    in 2 Bugs Comment by Ethan August 2015
  • I wanted to bind the amount of craftable items to your rank to enable more crafting items over time. I thought this would make it easier. The red ring around mobs and players indicates the health in quarters. Cars look more damaged the less health …
  • Sorry about your gold stacks mate! I'll fix that loot drop bug if there are more than one people in the exploding car soon. Thanks for reminding. ;) When, where and how did the zombies glitch thoguh walls & doors? Can you make screenshots on S…
    in 2 Bugs Comment by Ethan August 2015
  • Hey candy, Thanks for your great ideas! Some of them are on my todo list like the quests and player made chests. Here is my list: I will think of a way to make allies. More food and items …
  • I was thinking about faster communication methods for a while like emoticons you can place over your character to indicate your mood fast. Like here: Though I li…