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building house,weakens protect!

edited November 2016 in Immune
hello my name is DRIZZT and i am playing in EU.
sorry for my bad eng,but i really like and wanna play this game!!
i play this game like 60 hours and i wanna talk about the this game you really need protect only for the others players to not stooled your stuff!!!i have house with 20+ wallstones , 8+ metals doors , and 2 can understand Ethan that is a lot work for me!!!today they come to my house 3 players they use 4-5 barrels and they destroy me everything,60 hours work gonna destroy it in 2 minutes!!
so,give more life to wallstones doors etc, or put the barrels-dynamite out of the game!!

sorry for my bad eng and thanks for your listen me!!


  • On November 29 there was an update which reduced the drops of Explosives. I will keep an eye on the balancing. Thanks for letting me know!
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