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ideas for the game (slove221)

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Really looking forward to the expansion maps!) 1. there is a proposal to increase the complexity of some of the military, they would like something noted as particularly dangerous. And we'll play a few hours with friends for the all can kill, boring. 2. More cars, 1 car is not enough, I do not want a lot more. 3. Privat. add to craft an object that is private territory like in Rust, but private acts a few days for example, that inactive players from occupying the house. 4. More bonuses for performance of tasks. 5. Privat car and auto leveling. For example to make a garage. And bleeding the car is crafting any armor. Шmproved car physics, sorry, but the car is just terrible, it's not a car but a boat which floats on water, is very difficult to manage, please fix. I'm from Russia so sorry for my English) more updates!! :D

P.S. 1 day 7 hours played. The game is very good and with good efforts will be popular, I think.


  • Thanks slove! More cars and content will come over time when the game mechanics (like driving!) get more refined. :)

    Today there was an update with fresh content. Check it out!
  • I don't kown but i got some great ideas from myy friend and me:

    :-diffrent car desings
    :-Team Player lobby's
    :-a Key for the door to share it with somebody
    :-boadon the harbor for floating throw the sea (probably the most impossible of all)
    :-planes on the airport
    :-easyer way to host multiplayyer servers
    :- I like the style of the game, but some more surface textures would be great
    :-An extry infotask for walls
  • Sorry for the late response. I am more active in the Steam forums!

    Cool ideas you got there - I already have a plan for the doors. There will be codes you can use to open your doors. More social features to find friends faster etc. are planned, too! Check out our todo list:
  • no carro pode guarda intens tipo um porta mala,e tambem voice chat
  • edited August 2016
    hello great you i think in this game need some update

    1- to show zombie/human/car lifepoint
    2- more Challenges quest
    3- new zombie type and som little boss zombie
    4- Big Boss as a multiplayer or solo question
    5- New car types and better car breake
    6- Better safe zone more like a little city safe zone
    7- biger Map and populate the east map with more city and zombie

    PS.the game is great i love it.some new update is good and it can be popular
  • Thanks for your ideas. ;) I will finish the map soon!
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