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I found a bug

So i was at Hometown and i started attacking the NPC . You know that one with the fireaxe i was with a torch so he went low on health and started running i chased him for i while and we got near the river right above Hometown . Where i wanted to trap him between the water and me . So i did and he started running in the river and then disappeared.The server was Europe


  • Yes that happens sometimes. There's already a small fix that the NPCs run away from the water but it turns out that it doesn't work all the time. Will look into this some time soon, thanks for letting me know!
  • Hello, i've been gifted this game by my brother and have to say it looks very nice!!! but there is one glitch where i have placed a bed in my house and others online told me you have to place the bed on the ground to respawn there. But i keep spawning at the default respawn points. please look into this, and if there is anything further you need from me shoot me an E-Mail. thank you for your time. briansuper8
  • There are a few restrictions to the bed:
    If you die right next to it, you will spawn somehwere else. Or if you die 2 times within about 60 seconds, you will also spawn somehwere else. Maybe that's what happened there?
  • I guess i hadn't realized the restrictions. that's probably exactly what happened. Thanks. briansuper8
  • My friend just bought the game and he is having an issue wich is that when he starts the game and joins a server he automatically walks in a random direction and can't stop. I wonder if this is a bug in the game or if it's just something wrong with his stuff. :D

    Sorry english is not my main language but both me and my friend would be very thankful if you could reply to this! :D

    Thank you!
  • Never mind, he fixed it :DD
  • What was the problem? Some kind of joystick/gamepad/steering wheel maybe?
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