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ideas for the game

Hey candyapplesweet here me and few friends have hunkered down on nw american server. and have come up with ideas for the game. I am sure some have been mentioned but going to repeat to show what is liked the most. Most of my ideas are trying to stick to survival.

code for door=great idea but i think should make wire out of metal and find batteries to craft the box to punch the code.

wire=crafted from metal and also make bared wire to place area base and if player gets to close it does lil damage.

veggies= I think we need few more plants to farm like carrots and/or corn. plus dont sell them in npcs. point is to scavenge and survive. So sell candy, beer, wine, water so on in npc and make them less effective than farmed food

pot= craft a cooking pot out of metal and wood

stew= use potatoes, carrots/corn, meat and drag raw version and drop onto pot and make stew that helps regen health faster. but only works if not in pain or infected.

allies= a way to friend allies so you do not attack them.

map= craft a map from cloth and use symbols like car/cars, house/ for your base, face or money symbol/ for npc shops.
have it where if you loose it you have to start all over marking stuff on it.

matov cocktail= use wine bottle and cloth to make type of bomb

quest= have npcs in game they ask for item like 5 bottles of wine, a certain hat, medicine, so on and get rewards/exp for doing it. also can have quest where you help defend npc camp from herd of zombies.

chest= craft from all 4 materials make it locked unless you place code box on it so friends can get in it. And of course its breakable but make it have same durability as 2x metal doors


  • Hey candy,

    Thanks for your great ideas!
    Some of them are on my todo list like the quests and player made chests. Here is my list:

    I will think of a way to make allies.

    More food and items will be coming of course. Not sure about pot & stew though, since combining foods to a meal makes it unnecessary complicated. Immune is not a cooking simulator game. :D
    Something like this could be implemented later, though - if more people ask for it.

    I like the molotov/matov cocktails or grenades idea. Will have to see if that's easy to implement, but not promises that this will be part of the next update(s). ;)

    Keep it coming if there are more ideas!


  • Way to switch weapons fast between melee and gun, find books to learn new crafting abilities, anyway to show health bar mobs and cars?
  • Also anyway to stack doors and fences in your iventory? And make npc that repairs weapons if you have more than one of same wep. combine them for u to get higher percent
  • I wanted to bind the amount of craftable items to your rank to enable more crafting items over time. I thought this would make it easier.

    The red ring around mobs and players indicates the health in quarters. Cars look more damaged the less health they have and start to burn when their health is under 20% (if i recall right).

    I didn't want to make doors and fences stackable, because it'd be just too silly if you carry around 30 fences and 10 doors or sth like that, right?

    A npc that repairs your items is a cool idea. Someone already mentioned that before. I'll put it onto my todo list:

    Thanks for your ideas! Keep them coming!
  • edited December 2015
    hi just a few idea. sry for my bad english never learned it :S

    i think salvage will be good if u find some not intresd item u can just salvage it to basic materials like metal wood and cloth.

    if u salvage something u can gain the blueprint from the item if the item damaged lower chance and with good durability higher chance fro blueprint
    and after lv3 mainly u can only gain craftitems from blueprints

    blueprints system gain from salvaged item and reward for the hard missions (300xp or more) with random chance

    next idea is the backpacks in the main time my inventory is over loaded and need to sell something if i want to loot some new stuff

    from the backpack just simple take in to the hands and click one or make a right mouse b. select ans use option

    car health indicator

    remove gold stack limit 249 is very little stack

    and if u hide something with sovel area will be marked on the map with a little bag or shovel icon
  • Sorry for the late response!

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I think it'd be cool to break items into their basic vradting materials. Not sure about the blueprints though, because I wanted to keep the system simple. But I know what you mean from Rust. It worked there.

    I limited the stacks and the backpack because what ever limit you set, it will always be somewhat too less. And sometime it will get ridiculous if you carry like 5000 wooden logs and 20 walls. I wanted to create more craftable boxes and storage capabilites though.

    Personal map markers are a cool idea and so are car health indicators. At the moment the car starts burning at < 20% health and the less health it has, the more the parts look broken. But it could be improved of course. :)
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