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"Operation Coins"

edited November 2015 in Immune
Hey guys! It's Doctor back again! I'm back because recently i've been playing Immune a lot :3! Catch me on the North American server under the name "Toast" :3. So this idea came to me. If any of you play CS:GO you might know what Coins are (Bloodhound, Phoenix, and breakout). What they do is basically at the end of each game you have a chance to get a nice item in a "drop". So as you guys know there are missions in Immune. And I thought of this, How about being able to purchase a "Immune Coin" on the steam market (Maybe 5$ or so) and whenever you do a mission you have a chance of getting a rare or nice item such as hats. You can get cool and rare hats when doing missions! Just a suggestion tell me what you think of it! :)


  • I am playing CS GO myself so I know where you are heading. :)
    That's actually a cool idea. There will be more hat boxes coming for now, but for the long run ideas like this would be cool, too, to keep players engaged.

    Sorry for my late response by the way! The Steam forums are more active:
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