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Since you announced that the game will be free to play soon you said that players will be sometimes awarded with item drops such as hat cases,hats and keys.Well i have a question.Are theese drops limited I mean like i played 4 hours one day and only completed missions and didnt receive enything only in the few first missions i received 2 items.Is this what we win for buying the game ? Yes i do enjoy the game alot and i really wanna support you but making the game free is unfair for those who supported you.


  • edited December 2015
    Well you got the veteran helmet as unique item which will never be dropped again after the game goes free 2 play. That means that one will probably rise in its price when it goes f2p.
    And you get more Steam item drops than the free 2 play players. All in all you can easily get the price back if you play regularly.

    I know it's still not a superb deal, but we just had to find a way to fill up the servers. The game is meant to be played with many others, which seems to be impossible with a price tag.

    You get one drop per day max. so if you got a drop you can be sure it takes more than 24 hours and some playtime at least to get another one.

    Let me know what you think about that.
  • Well i do like the idea of dropping more items to the beta players and giving them unique item.But i dislike getting one drop max per day.Personally i would prefer
    If it was in a diffrent way f.ex there is a % chance to get a drop when a mission is completed
  • That's also the case. So you have to wait and you have to be lucky.
    It's the minimum protection to be sure people don't get massive drops while others get nothing. It's to keep it balanced.
    This system is also recommended by Valve so I was just following their settings. :)
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