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Possible updates ideas

Hello there,
My name is garry1415 (on steam) and i have a few idea's for this games improvement

+ Local games (lan partys supporting 4+ people)
+ Easy server set up like co - op play kinda like rust like community servers
+ new weapons maybe smgs, snipers, pistols, some more things like javelins some stuff you can throw
+ better building system i dont if its just me it took me 3 attempts to put down a door perfectly its a bit over sensitive
+ maybe a snow terrain with unique animals
+ Tameable animals which protect you and attack enemys
+Text HUD instead of going into your phone? gps? i dont know
+New cars (Sport cars , MotorBikes) and updated cars mechanics like driving is kinda hard to get the hang of so yeah
+More achievements on steam

These are just some ideas though the game is super fun co-op


  • Hey Garry,

    Thanks for your feedback! :)
    You can create private servers for coop gameplay already. See this thread:

    More content, like weapons, cars, craftable stuff, areas etc. will be coming over the next weeks. There's some content missing I'd love to integrate.

    The building system will be reworked. It's just a simple mechanic at the moment which is more like a placeholder.

    There are already tameable animals. Put some meat on the ground and wait some time. If a dog is around he will eat it and be your loyal pet! :)

    What do you want to see in the HUD? I wanted to keep the HUD as tiny as possible, so it doesn't interrupt the gameplay. Not sure if that's a good idea though. So if you have a cool idea, just shoot!

    Immune is meant to be a coop or multiplayer game, so thanks for that. :) I hope I can improve the solo player experience, too though, since it's not like the servers are too full at the moment. :/

    A few hours ago there was an update to the game btw. I hope I can turn you negative review with the next updates. ;)

    Keep it coming! Thanks,

  • Hey im one of garry's friends and i think that maybe there should be a voice chat system so u can make friends with others. Anyway i still love the game and with a friend and skype it equals an awesome game!
  • I was thinking about faster communication methods for a while like emoticons you can place over your character to indicate your mood fast. Like here:

    Though I liked the voice communication in Rust and other titles I am still not a huge fan of it. Can't really explain why. I am also one of those people who doesn't like being on the phone. Maybe it's just me? ;)

    But if more people state the demand, then it shall be integrated.

    I am happy if people have fun with Immune. :) Tell me if you have other ideas.

    BTW here is my TODO list, maybe sth. gets you inspired:
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