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Few idea's

First idea, backpacks! :D
You should be able to find bigger backpacks that would be able to carry more loot!
2nd Idea is crates, but have the crates be locked and you will need one of idk maybe 5 keys, so if you find a locked crate you will have to have the right key! :D Also make the radius a lot smaller to place walls and doors next to each other. Final idea is make it so you can put locks on doors and you will have to type the right word to open the door! :D thank you and take care!


  • Hey Doc!
    Not sure about the backpacks, that could get a big task. Will surely not come in the next few updates. But good idea nontheless.
    Yes player made crates are on my todo list. Well I first have to investigate how to solve the problem best, but some solution to the problem will come soon.
    I thought about putting locks with 4 digit number codes on doors. Only the door owner can change the code for the door. Something like that. Sounds good?
    Cheers & let me know if you get more ideas!
  • Yea, I'm not sure about the backpacks, either. Initially, I felt that they were too small but now I feel that it's just about right; it forces you to think a bit more about what weapons and ammo you want to carry around all the time.

    I usually try to keep 3 ranged (along with their ammo) and two melee weapons in the pack at all times along with a stack of meat. That leaves seven slots free for loot. I tend to eat any other food that I find as soon as I find it (often directly out of the crates) so that it doesn't clutter up my pack.

    One thing that might be cool is utility belts. A utility belt would be a drop either from the special crates or directly from the gasmask thugs. Once equipped, it'd provide two slots that can only hold weapons (left and right sides of the belt for quick draw!) and three or four slots that'd only hold ammo. This'd free up some backpack space and I think it'd fit in well with the game. A dead player would drop both his backpack AND his utility belt.
  • Number codes on doors would be perfect.
  • So the utility belt is an item which extends your inventory? Did I get that right?
  • You're right Mr. Ethan. We need to manage our pack. The 4 digit code would be perfect! But the keys I was saying maybe have a locked crate and you have to either guess the 4 digit code or it will take a while to break the lock. And sorry for all the suggestions but that gave me a hat idea, a gas mask hat.
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    "So the utility belt is an item which extends your inventory? Did I get that right?"

    Yes, but... it'd just be for weapons ( a holster on the left and right) and ammo (clips attached to the belt); no hanging meat or chopped wood on the utility belt! :D

    This could be expanded even further. The character could have a "Belt" slot capable of holding a few different specialized items for expanding the inventory:

    Single Holster - holds just one weapon (melee or ranged).
    Double Holster - holds two weapons.
    Utility Belt - holds two weapons and three ammo clips.
  • Or...

    The utility belt could just be a standard item like the backpack. Holster #1 and Holster #2 could be hot-keyed for "equipping/holstering" the weapon in each respective slot. That'd be a nice way for players to quickly switch between weapons without having to bring up the backpack interface.

    I'd probably keep a gun in one and a melee weapon in the other so that I could quickly switch back 'n forth between the two or quickly holster either one and punch Happpyier in the throat. :D
  • I'll put this weapon-slot-hotkey thingy on my ideas list. Something like hotkey weapon slots would be cool, yes.
  • Not if my pet bull gets to you first!
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    hello great you i think in this game need some update

    1- to show zombie/human/car lifepoint
    2- more Challenges quest
    3- new zombie type and som little boss zombie
    4- Big Boss as a multiplayer or solo question
    5- New car types and better car breake
    6- Better safe zone more like a little city safe zone
    7- biger Map and populate the east map with more city and zombie

    PS.the game is great i love it.some new update is good and it can be popular
  • Thanks for your ideas!
    The red ring under a player/NPC has 4 states and already indicates the health! :)
  • Mr.Ethan what do u think about the other ideas can u do som updates like that soon?
  • My next tasks are finishing up the map, so I guess your 7th point is my next one. :)
  • Hi, Jan Valentine here. I'm sorry about the killings in the game because i'm trying to check how the developers can improve the game. I'm done with the PKs so im just trying to up my Karma.

    1. A player may be PKed on a certain level so newbies would be able to familiarize the game and prepare their equips. Imagine, I am using a Kalashnukiv and killed someone using a club.
    2. More marketing on the Asian Region, there are very few players.
    3. Players would receive a certian bonus/reward if they login a certain period of time or days. To keep the players in the game.
    4. Players can rent an equipment with time duration. (for income)
    5. Lower the cost of the repairs for equips, I repaired my equips and cost me 200+ coins, total loot was 70+ on one grind. from point A to B example.
    6. A global storage (with a very limited item slot) would help the players to keep their "Most Precious" belongings.
  • I like the idea to protect newbies, but to avoid abuse I would rather think about sth. like a spawn protection that protects you from damage untill you are attacking the first time (or sth. in that direction). There hasn't been a perfect solution, yet, for this. People almost always find ways to abuse this.

    The repairs are mostly to burn gold. It's expensive on purpose, so people don't end up with millions after few hours. I still see plenty of players with 100k gold anyway. ;)

    The global storage would be a cool thing. Will see about that.
  • Please add the Philippine Flag on the Hat Case Flags. :D
  • also, i guess it would be better if we can craft poison arrows and other status inflicting bullets/arrows. also, it would be better if bombs can input damage to walls, doors and tesla coils.
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