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Funny Game Moments...

A couple of my funny moments in the game:

I killed a zombie that was chasing a new player. I told him to pick up the meat that the zombie had dropped but before he could, a freakin' dog ran up, ate the meat, and then ran off. :D

After seeing a number of houses get raided, I decided to hide my stash outside of the house (was previously hiding it in corners inside the house). I thought about the yard, but that seemed too obvious. So I chose the road just south of the house; who's going to search a road for loot, right?

I'd just finished fighting a couple zombies and was low on health and out of food, so I ran to my stash and started digging. I had just enough time to think, "OH SHIT!" as I saw headlights appear, then the jeep zoomed onto the screen and ran me over; DEAD. The player hopped out, looted my bag, hopped back into the jeep and drove off.

I don't hide my stuff in the road anymore... :D


  • Great stories. Never stay on the streets! ;D

    Would love to hear more of this!
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