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A Wandering Scavenger

edited March 2015 in Immune
Sometimes when I enter a town, I find TONS of stuff laying on the ground; meat, guns, resources, etc... It's like someone killed 10 zombies and never bothered to pick up the drops. This is just more crap for the server to keep track of until it gets picked up.

How about adding a Wandering Scavenger to the world that wanders from town to town as well as out into the boonies and stops to pick up any dropped items that are within a certain radius of him. When confronted by a player, he'll run rather than fight and will be just slightly faster than a player, but slows momentarily after taking damage. When killed, his pack will be full; mostly with the recent stuff that he's picked up but also with a few higher end items such as an axe and/or ammo. This will make him a desirable target for players and it could be fun trying to hunt him down.

He'd be identifiable by a larger backpack, or maybe use the current backpack, but have a buncha items half hanging out of it to indicate that it's overloaded with goodies. Maybe he could be hunched over from the weight of it all. :D


  • You exactly described the scavangers with the gasmasks running around, collecting stuff. :D They only defend themselfes, not bothering about others.
    Did you never come accross one?

    BTW items lying around will be deleted after some time anyway (daily server restart).
  • Hah! I have seen those but only briefly. I thought they may have been the regular guys in gasmasks fleeing from other players. I attacked the group in the middle town only to have one flee on me; chased him for a bit but lost him. I figured it was that basic scenario happening to other players. :D
  • Haha, no some just wander around to find precious loot! :D
  • Shortly after posting my last response to this thread, I was digging thru my loot piles when the Scavenger ran onto my screen. I left the loot exposed and ran after him and managed to take him out when he stopped and changed directions. That bastard put up one hell of a fight! The loot was kinda disappointing, tho... I think it was a granola bar and some eggs. Since he's relatively rare and not easy to catch, he should probably have slightly better loot than the norm, imo.
  • Hehe, I'll have a look at the current settings. He's a gamble, because what do people throw away? Rubbish. So if he collects rubbish, you get rubbish. ;)
    But maybe he could drop some ammo if he's equipped with a gun.
  • Putting some ammo on him would be good. He's a rare mob since players can't just go to a fixed spot to find him; it's always a random encounter. As such, I think he should have an extra goodie or two.
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