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RPG Elements (discussion)

Thought maybe we could have a thread for discussing potential RPG elements for the game. You've mentioned the possibility of adding some RPG elements soon... care to share any details?

I'd prefer not to see special skills that can be triggered via a click/keypress and earned by gaining levels. Then it becomes just like any other mmorpg where higher level players can (and frequently do) stomp all over the low/mid level players. Basic skill trees might be cool, tho. Skills that wouldn't necessarily give one player a huge advantage over another, but'd still be desirable to have, such as:

* stealth vs npcs - reduces the distance at which they can see you, especially if not moving. Maybe enhanced via cammo-clothing?

* gathering related skills - get more wood/metal/stone/cloth/meat from kills and resource locations.

* Wood/Metal/Stone/Cloth worker skills - use less resources in crafting.

* Destruction skills - tear down walls/fences/doors more quickly.

* Lock picking - open doors and storage boxes (expensive and fragile tools still required).

* Mechanic skills - repair vehicles and other ?future? mechanical items.

* Fitness related - last longer on less food.


  • Like a skilltree or something? Could work, yes ... nice idea actually.
    I was thinking about what to do with your rank. At the moment you can craft some more things if you got to rank 2 or 3 and that's it.

    What I don't want is exactly what you said: skills to trigger with cooldown.
    I want to keep it very simple and lean with a nice easy, small and understandable way to develop your character.
  • Yea! And a skilltree along those lines would make sense and fit in with the theme of the game. After all, as a person survives and spends more time in a post apocalyptic world, he/she is probably going to learn how to gather things more efficiently, how to make do with less, how to repair stuff, etc...
  • I'll keep this in the back of my head till I tackle the character development part.
    But it could take some updates till I get there! :)
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