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Bury-able player-crafted storage boxes

So I love the idea of being able to bury items, but it becomes quite the chore to manage those items, even with multiple "sorted" burial spots. Having to dig it up, add it all to your inventory, pick the one item you want, drop the rest back down and rebury it is... not fun! This is made worse by the fact that space in our backpacks is so limited; there's only so much we can pick up at a time while looking for that ONE item.

Taking the idea of player-crafted storage boxes even further... what about adding the ability for us to bury them using the existing mechanic? Craft the box, place it in its final position, fill it with the loot that you just pillaged from TheBassernator's house, stand on top of the box, use the shovel to bury it.

This would allow us to better manage our loot and more easily retrieve the one item that we're looking for. It might also be easier on the back-end. Instead of having to keep track of where every single item is buried, you'd only have to store the coordinates for the buried storage boxes.


  • edited March 2015
    That gave me a whole new idea. Why not create a "hidden stash" which is used like any storage box but can be placed anywhere? Like a hole in the ground only you know.
    That could even replace the current shovel mechanics. So you use the shovel on the ground which open the storage loot dialoge for an "invisible" storage box if you will.

    What do you think about that?
  • Get it done now! :D
  • Will do. ;)
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