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Zoom Levels / World View

edited March 2015 in Immune
I'd really (REALLY) like to be able to zoom out a bit more while roaming around the world. I feel like I just can't quite see enough of the world around my character for good situation awareness; when I first started playing, I was walking along the main east/west road and walked right past a town w/o even realizing it was there because the buildings were JUST off my screen. Seeing 25 - 50% more would be extremely helpful!


  • Maybe the camera could go up a bit more the faster you move or something like that?
    It's just if the camera is too high, the characters and items and everything gets ant size. That way it might be hard to recognize things.
    I'll think of something.
  • Dynamic zooming could be cool, but it could get to be annoying; maybe a toggle for it?

    The mouse wheel is already setup for zooming, but currently only zooms IN from the default zoom. Maybe keep the current zoom level as the default (I do like this zoom level for interacting with other players) but allow us to zoom out just a little bit further via the mouse wheel?

    I really wouldn't want to zoom out so far that everything gets ant size unless you can set it up so that non-static items (players, npcs, etc) are not visible beyond a certain radius. It'd take some of the fun out of the game (that "unknown" factor) if you could just zoom way out and see where everything/everyone is. But being able to see a little bit further than we currently can would be very nice.
  • I'll try the dynamic thingy and a higher cam pos, maybe it's cool. ;)
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