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Fence and Door Placement...

I've just started playing on the US server (along with 4 local friends) and have a bunch of ideas/suggestions but I'll likely sit on most of them for a bit until I get a better feel for the game. I really like the direction that the game is headed so far; tons of potential!

One thing that I've found to be very frustrating is fence and door placement. With movement and turning controls being fairly imprecise, getting the objects exactly where you want them (in the exact orientation that you want) seems near impossible. The fact that every door that I've seen in the game so far is at a wonky angle tells me that I'm not the only one who has run into this issue. :D

Would it be possible to have doors "snap" to doorways when they cross a predefined "doorway boundary" while in placement mode? That way, a player would just have to equip the door and walk towards a doorway until the blue ghost-image crosses over the doorway, at which point it snaps into the proper position and is ultimately placed when the user hits SPACE.

The same(ish) could be done for fence sections; have snap points at each end of the section. With a fence section equipped in placement mode, the user would position the ghost-image over an already-placed fence section and have it snap to the closest end, at which point it pivots about that snap point as the player moves around. If he moves too far away, it "unsnaps". Doors could be attached to fence sections in the same manner.

Great work so far!


  • Thank you! If you want you can write that into a review on the Steam page. Would make me a happy bunny. ;)

    And yes building is far from being perfect. I like the snap idea ... like in The Forest or sth. Anyway I will rethink the building system making it independent from your character's movement/rotation. That way it will get much easier for sure.
    Should be in one of the next updates!

    Keep the ideas coming!
  • You may also want to make it so that player-items placed within a certain boundary deteriorate much more quickly... Say, for example, fences and doors placed within the boundaries of the airport.

    Some ass' fenced off the airport on the US server. They blocked the entrances, built a fence around the jeep, and filled the inside with fences.
  • Haha ;) well you can always destroy the fences if you have 2 or 3 spare minutes and a good axe or even gun.
    But all the building will be balanced a bit more to avoid this griefing. Maybe I can get it done with the next update, when there will be stone and metal walls, too.
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