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Some ideas!

Here are some ideas that I thought would be cool to add to the game, some are silly and some are serious.

-Cars: Make it so if you press a key you can honk! This would be handy for getting animals out of the way, chickens, cows ,deers ect. Also so your friend can know it's you when you arrive at his location
-More Vehicles: I don't know maybe motorcycles, trucks, bikes even? The truck idea would sit 2 in the vehicle and have a people sit in the trunk. And maybe even make it so people can shoot from the trunk.
-Wrench. A wrench would be great so you can repair your vehicle.
-Gas: Maybe make it a bit more challenging to drive because you need gas.
-Sharing in a vehicle: This might sound strange, but make it so there is like a crate in the vehicle so if someone needs food in the vehicle, you press tab and drag food into the crate so the other person can take it.
-Horses! Maybe if you find a saddle you can ride a horse!

-More boots: Maybe make some very rare kind that have +20%?
-Different shirts, and pants: Maybe you can find some different clothing to wear.

-Crates: Maybe make it so you can craft crates to store some extra stuff.

Hostile animals
-Maybe add some animals that aren't so friendly such as: Bears, snakes, alligators (idk haha) ect.

Ocean: This might be a toughy but maybe you can swim and hostile mobs (sharks) will be in the water?
-Fishing for food.
-Maybe you can build a boat? Or scuba gear so you can swim underwater.
I know that section will be the most difficult.

-Make it so those little cities have names so it will be easier to find your friends.
-Expand it so there are more things to do and add some cool custom themes to some of the cities (Maybe a circus that has been destroyed)

-I'm not very sure about this one…but make it so you can raid peoples houses. Haha sorry about this one but some sort of raiding.

Those are just my current suggestions. I know some of them will be more difficult then others, and sorry about that. Thank you for reading!!!


  • Hey Doctor, that's a fantastic list of ideas you got there. :)
    Thanks for your thoughts!

    I tought about a horn, too several times, but at the moment it always fell down on the priority list, but there shall be horn and more, different cars in some future updates!
    A hidden stash in the vehicles + sharing would be cool, too.

    More boots, clothes and even characters (like female ones) will come soon.

    Player made storage crates are on my todo list already.

    There are hostile animals! Didn't you encounter the angry bull? ;)
    Anways, there might come more animals, have to have a look into my animal library.

    I love the fishing idea. I put it into my Ideas list.

    Citynames is good idea, too. Put it on my list.
    Content will be added over the next weeks of course - as said above!

    You can raid peoples houses already. Walls and doors are destructable. Even if it takes some time. ;) BTW you also have to repair them after a while by pressing E in front of them.

    Thanks again! Keep it coming!!
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