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2 Bugs

Hello, I have recently purchased the game and love it! But there are a couple bugs that have been bugging me a lot. One of which is that when I am driving on the road my car just randomly starts breaking, or losing health. The other thing is food just doesn't seem to cook.I left it in the campfire for 20 mins one time and came back and uncooked. Not trying to complain but thanks for reading!


  • One more bug! When you are in a city on the NW server. One of the cities you automatically go in a car without pressing anything and it kills you. Please fix this one it is getting VERY annoying
  • Hey Doctor!
    Thanks for playing. :) Yesterday and today I updated lots of things for the release today which might have caused some bumpy playing.

    Did you build the fire by placing it in your hand slot and ignite it afterwards with E?
    If yes, did you throw the food right next or into the fire? You can't burn yourself so just drop it very near to it.

    I didn't understand the second problem you mentioned. Sometimes when a car moves and just hits you slightly when you exit it, it might kill you. Did you mean that?
  • edited March 2015
    Here's an example of how to cook (see 0:16):

  • Not me and two friends in the car and it caught fire. One hopped out in time. Me and bud died when exploded.his back pack was on ground....mine never hit the ground..I lost 5 stacks of gold, and a lot more stuff really wanted to keep...
  • also zombies seem to glitches through walls and doors of our base,
  • Sorry about your gold stacks mate!
    I'll fix that loot drop bug if there are more than one people in the exploding car soon.

    Thanks for reminding. ;)

    When, where and how did the zombies glitch thoguh walls & doors? Can you make screenshots on Steam and show me the spots in your base where the mutants glitched through the walls/doors?
  • Sure I'll see what I can do also when you sell,buy stuff and go to click green check some times it sells the item under the check Mark without asking if you want to sell it
  • Oh thanks a lot for spotting that bug, I just found out what you meant by testing it. Will fix that one with the next update!
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