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Your descriptions for Immune's items!

edited September 2014 in Immune
Hey there,

You can help me with writing funny descriptions for Immune's items if you want. :) Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Here are all currently used items in Immune:

Descriptions should be 4 to 10 words long - so keep it very short but funny! :)

Here are some examples:
Cooked Meat: I love vegetarians. \nThey taste awesome.
Candy Bar: Because you have bigger \nproblems than toothache.
Beer: So much more than \njust a breakfast drink.

Just write your ideas in this thread!


  • I do not think explanations for these names are needed, but I put them there anyways, not all of these are funny, some may surpass 10 words, but I tried.

    Monkey Wrench: Not actually made of a monkey
    Horse Mask: I love it! (Reference to popular YouTuber, TomSka)
    Revolver: Point it at someone and say "Do ya feel lucky, punk?" (Referencing Dirty Harry)
    Top Hat: Four score and seven years ago... (Refrencing one of Abraham Lincoln's speeches)
    Cowboy Hat: Howdy
    Ax: Allow me to "ax" you a question... (pun, I said ax instead of ask)
    Fire Ax: Not actually made of fire
    Raw Egg: Did it come first? (referencing the debate about weather a chicken or egg came first)
    Pistol: Pew Pew
    Log: Heavy, but I'm sure you can, "log" it around (pun, I said log instead of lug)
    Mushrooms: Could eating these make you get bigger? (Super Mario reference)
    Cooked Egg: Sunny side up
    Rabbit Ears: These make you feel as if you run faster (Legend of Zelda Refrence)
    Backpack: A Pack, that you put on your back
    Santa Hat: He sees you when you're sleeping...
    Berries : Are they safe?

  • Hey Inanimation,
    Welcome to the forums & thanks for all your ideas, great work!
    Already integrated a few of them. :)

    For the revolver I had sth. in mind like "Rick's favourite" or "Rick would love it." as reference to Rick from The Walking Dead.
    I am not sure how many (especially younger) people remember Dirty Harry. ;)

    The Santa Hat already had "Ho ho hold your hands up" - what do you think about that?
  • Both of those are much better than mine, I love them!
  • Thanks. :) Let me know if you have more ideas.
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