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Reporting a Bug ( Time and Creatures )

edited March 2015 in Immune
I would like to report two bug

1 Upon entering the server bug game time going from day to night in less than 1 minute.

2 ° when the bug above happens, all animals NPC Crows - turns Humans (Characters)
I took some print to study the case.
I hope I have contributed reporting the incident.

A big hug
And excuse my English, because I'm Brazilian.

Link images


  • edited March 2015
    Hey Pityko!
    Thanks for finding this bug, never seen it before.
    I just created a thread on how to help me with bugs. Can you send me your output_log.txt as described in the bug reporting thread?
  • Have headed by E-Mail.
    I host the game, I noticed 80% improvement.
    Now playing on my own server noticed that the problem of the direction of vehicles and difficulty walking, was resolved.
  • Thanks for your help. :)
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