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Tent System

edited March 2015 in Immune
Hello I would like to make a suggestion to put a tent to hold the items.
Save items to prevent theft.
By using it would look like.
Only the owner can pull the tent.
She would have a much larger than the backpack Player amount.
It would be good to put them in the Base.

Made in 3d because if I make future suggestions have already Scenario.

Sorry for the Logo on the images, but to prevent others theft.
Sorry my English because I am Brazilian.

Imagens Link:

new Image

BY: PitykoGamer
Please comment


  • Hey Pityko!
    Great idea - I already had something quite similar on my todo list:
    Players can craft boxes which can be placed on the ground and filled with items.
    You find my todo list here:
    What do you think about that?
  • Yes is also a good idea.
    I talked about the tent, For had not remembered the boxes.
    The boxes already in the game, so would be easier.
    In the case of boxes not need locks, it's up to protect an area with fence and gate.

    I spent the night reading his designs for the game.
    Very good of you to share with the players.

    Taking advantage, I noticed a difficulty to put doors and fences properly.
    It would be good to use the mouse to place the buildings.
    In the scroll could be used to rotate.

    Already in control, was easier due to the use of analog.
  • Thanks - the building system will be improved soon. It's way to complicated at the moment. :)
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