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Couple more questions about walls and npcs

Do walls have durability while NOT being attacked? I noticed some walls I put yesterday today had a 1/4 heart... which if they had durability under normal circumstances, that seems a bit fast to degrade.
Then again, maybe they -were- being attacked? Do the unfriendly NPCs attack your fortification? And do they steal your things? (which... would be kinda annoying yet cool if they could steal when you leave doors open) XD Because I left my door open today and one ran in and out... lol I didn't really notice anything missing tho (even all my crops were still in the ground).


  • Those NPCs who are not attacking on the spot, running around the whole map usually pick up things. So better close the door. ;)

    Yes all building have durability. You can repair them by pressing E when facing them. The door gets repaired by opening/closing it.
    This system is important to keep only those buildings alive which are still in use. Of course I can adjust the durability if it's too short (like the fire). :)
  • I understand about keeping buildings alive only that are in use. makes total sense. :) It does feel like it's too little time though. Right now (if I'm not mistaken) about 24hrs put it on 1/4 heart but frankly, no matter how much one might love a game, there's few chances one would have time to log in daily to repair them (unless one is doing nothing/on holidays/etc :P).
    To me personally one week would sound more reasonable (because, say you can't log in during the week because of work, then you can at least play and check it every weekend and make sure your building is still standing). Maybe someone might still consider this too much or too little time. :P
  • edited March 2015
    I increased the durability of doors and walls from 1 day to 4 days. The fireplace will also last 8 times longer than before. Let's see if that does the job for now. :)

    These changes will go live in the next few days.
  • Awesome, thanks~! :)
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