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Some suggestions and questions

Hi :3

Since I've been playing it for a while now, I thought I'd drop some random suggestions here. You've probably already thought some of them out, but...

About PVP, which I already put a small suggestion over at the Steam board (about toggling it on/off), but I also wanted to add:
- Perhaps new players can spawn in a safe/"lower rank" area? Something that will make it a bit easier for them to get a hold of how the game plays before they go into the world.
- Perhaps if need be (I don't think there's a need for this right now) add some punishment system to avoid griefers? (I want to say jail, kinda like in Age of Wushu - if you go through with your trello idea of an NPC friendly city that could be where it's placed? But it could also be loss of some kind of privileges.)

About crafting:
- Perhaps the club, which is the first weapon, can cost a bit less to craft since at first you'll be dying a lot and losing what little you get? I know it's pretty cheap as it is, but the first few times I played I just kept dying until I figured things out... (that or making trees and wood easier to find :P)
- Perhaps you can add craftable item "box"? So one can take over a house without proper "storage" (boxes that may already be there) and make some/more as needed.
- Can we get one type of camp fire that won't 'disappear'? It doesn't really matter if it costs more, in fact, it should cost more. I just think it's a bit of a waste when I finally find trees, get 30 wood for a wall, but have to spend some again to re-make the fire. (Then again, if there's more trees, maybe this won't be an issue)
- Totally non-important, but it would be cute if we could have little signs that we could place around for other players to read (craftable, of course). Then we could leave messages like "friendly, look for me at x,y" or "x's house"
- Perhaps crafting a bed? It could make it faster for you to recover health, or something.
- Use metal to craft 'lock'; lock can be added to storage boxes, so that only you (and people you allow) can open it. (Maybe make it so that it can be destroyed, if you want to allow looting, but at least it gives one more layer of security.)

About building:
- Can you make it so doors can't be placed down when not in the proper spot? lol (You know why I ask XD) Or let them place it, but mark it red when it's not in the right spot so people will know if they DO place it there'll be troubles. :P
- Would it be possible in the future to have the option to move stuff we've placed down? (such as the campfire, walls, doors, etc)
- Would be nice if we could assign people to be able to open doors too (so for instance if in the future there's more social features, you could set your door to be able to be opened only by you, by you and friends, you and party, you and clan... )
- Maybe make it possible for us to make something to bar or cover windows with? So as to avoid people shooting through inside - or at least make it harder.

About camera (from another thread):
- Would it be possible to make it so we can turn it? Would sure make placing doors easier. ;)

Other random stuff:
- Possible for wells to actually give out water? (maybe you need an empty water bottle or something, and can refill it, so that you get a bit of hunger back by drinking it?)
- A bit more resources around would be nice. More trees, and maybe the old cars or trash cans give random stuff too... ? Houses with fabric (curtains, beds), stuff like that? (I think the pork drops fabric, wouldn't it be better if it drops leather? then you can craft leather armor?)
- I know you've said you'd make female characters, but: female characters really would be nice! :P
- Be able to place our own markers in map? Useful if you decide to make your lair in the middle of nowhereland and then lose it... :)
- Maybe make different types of zombies: some really easy to kill so new players and respawned ones don't die at their first encounter, and others that are normal, and others that are harder to kill?
- Would be nice to have more types of cars in the future. (btw, I loved that you can hop on a car with someone else!)

- Say you achieve rank 1, and you die immediately after. Do you lose the rank? That'd make me very sad. lol I don't mind losing XP so long as I don't lose a hard earned rank. :P

- Will there be "clans" or guilds or something in the future? A party feature? Add friend feature?

I think that's about it. Sorry for the long chunk of stuff, just stuff we thought while playing through. :)


  • Wow thanks for all these thoughts and taking the time sharing them here!
    Always keep it coming - highly appreciated!

    Safe/Beginner Zones:
    I was planning to create NPC controlled cities where these NPCs act like police, attacking everyone who uses weapons. These spots should be the locations you spawn in. There should also be interaction with friendly NPCs like trading or simple quests.

    Not a big fan of jailing players. I'd rather integrate this into a karma system where player get disadvantages if their karma is too low. Not sure about that, yet.

    Lack of wood & resources
    I'll try to place more resources around the areas. :) The level design isn't properly done, yet. It's still very experimental.

    Storage Box
    At the moment you can bury items in the ground with a shovel. That was my idea to avoid all those storage boxes standing around. I'll think about it though.

    Camp Fire
    At the moment the camp fire lasts like an hour if not lit. And a lot less if lit. I could adjust those values a bit to make it last longer. If there's more wood available it should be okay that way as first try.

    Good ideas! It's hard to keep it super simple and still make it work properly as you mentioned it. Maybe I could just disallow buildings to collide with walls etc. so you have to place a door exactly. That and a new way to place buildings more easily.

    Sharing Doors
    Rust had the idea where you could assign a number combination to your door, which was a great and easy way to handle door sharing. I thought about doing it that way. What do you think?

    Fortify Windows
    You can already place wooden walls into windows, so they are blocked.

    Camera Rotation
    I want to keep the view simple and easy and the same for everyone. It should feel like the old isometric 2D RPGs. Though I might look into this if more people are asking for it, but not at the moment.

    Well to gather water
    Maybe that would make it a bit too easy to refill energy, since I didn't split thirst and hunger. Don't you think? Maybe that'd be an idea if it would take some time to pump the water up or something.

    Actually it cloth was meant to be leather but for reusability I just named it cloth.

    Female Characters
    I'll do my best to get them soon. Sorry girls. ;)

    Map Markers
    I like that idea a lot. I put it on my todo list.

    I'll try to diversify them in future updates to make it more interesting.

    There will be more cars. I think I might be reusing some from my mobile game "Driving Reckless":

    Ranks & Death Penalty
    You actually CAN derank on death! You lose 5% of your XP as death penalty. So you really shouldn't die. ;)

    Social Features
    In the next version there will (or should) be a feature where you can open the Steam profiles of players with just one click. This way you can easily add them as buddy and communicate with them via the Steam overlay. Clans would be cool but I didn't make a concept for that, yet.

    Thanks again for all your thought. Some things might take some updates to actually get into my scope and some other things are done easily. I hope you are still happy with most of my answers. :)

  • I'm glad you didn't think it was too much. :)
    I totally understand it's on the very early stages and you probably though about implementing (or simply thought about) most stuff. ;)

    I did read about the beginner zones on the trello board, I think it's a great idea. Also more interaction with friendly NPCs would be lovely.

    On jail: disadvantages instead of jail sound good too. :) Mostly suggested it to have punishment and avoid possible griefers.

    About the storage box, I did read (today) that you can bury items. The problem I saw with this is I found very little metal at first, so making the shovel is not something I'd think of using it first (plus, you'd have to remember where you buried stuff ;) ). Maybe I just wasn't hitting the right piles tho. :P Entirely possible since sometimes I'm not sure if I'm actually hitting things until something magically drops.
    If having a lot of storage boxes lying around worries you, maybe they could also be made destroyable? Say: You can hit it until it's destroyed, and you recover some of the wood used (not all) if it's empty, and some of the wood plus everything that was inside if it's not empty? Should make for a nice piñata. :P

    About sharing doors, using a sort of lock combination sounds interesting! Might suck if you forget it though. Not sure how Rust does it... Is the one who placed the door able to open and change the combination without needing to remember it? That'd be cool then. Also useful for when you no longer want to grant access to that other person - you could just change the combination. lol

    The camera rotation is not really a big deal unless you want to place a door in (or wall against) one of the walls you can't really see well. Probably if that's fixed then the camera rotation wouldn't really be 'needed' so much as something nice to have.
    You could also (if you decided to implement it at all, I mean) just have a simple 4 point rotation, as opposed to free rotation, which would still keep it pretty simple.
    But again, if the possible issues with misplacing stuff disappears there'd probably be no need for it.

    About the well to gather water, I can see what you mean. It taking some time to pump water sounds good, it could also fill very little energy compared to actual water items found around? I don't know, I just thought it was a shame that there'd be so many nice wells, some even with the barrel to the side with a water reservoir, but apparently nothing much that could be done with them. :)
    It'd be interesting (in the future) to see implemented the ability to gather water - from wells or rain when/if weather is implemented, just to make it more self-sustainable.

    The cars look good! it would be nice to see those in Immune.

    > You actually CAN derank on death!
    Wah~, I'll cry. And then I'll get over it and play some more. ;)

    I'm happy with all of your answers ;) And I'm glad you found some of my suggestions useful and not that I was just being totally annoying. XD
    And of course, totally understandable that some things won't come for a long while yet.

    Thanks for all the answers and help~!
  • Well you weren't the first to mention the storage box. I'll think of a concept for those boxes.

    Only the person who built the door in Rust could change the door's combination later ... I think. Anyway now Rust has a lock system with crafted keys which is quite sophisticated. But as a first improvement I'd go with the combination thing and improve it from there later.

    Four different views for the camera should be doable. We'll see if it's still neccessary when the new building system is integrated.

    Gathering water is cool topic anyway. Not just wells, but also from plants and sunlight etc. There are lots of cool ways which would also teach some survival basics. :D
    Maybe later. ;)

    If you have to cry because of a derank you are allowed to flame me in Steam. :D

    Thanks for all the feedback. Keep it coming. <3

  • That all sounds cool! :D Thanks for taking all those into consideration~

    While we're on the topic of the building system here; while I was playing with my sis we were building a wall. She placed a door on the wall and then I just couldn't place any walls down anymore. I sort of assumed it was because she needed to place the wall adjacent to the door and then I'd be able to keep building, but nope: I kept getting the little building indicator as red, while she could place walls without issues.
    I thought it might be a permissions thing (don't build against my build), but her door was adjacent to a wall I had placed which kind of negated that idea...
    Except that when one of my wall's health ran out fully and disappeared, she couldn't place a wall there but I could.

    Is that normal? It seemed a little confusing.

    Also, I promise I'll only cry if I'm 99.9% to the last rank. ;) I'm still far from that~ lol
  • Yes you got that right. It's for avoiding griefers who block your doors or something like that. So if you want to build a connected structure together, just one of the team should place the buildings.
    If you could break that rule somehow then you probably found a glitch.
    Your sister built a door right next to a wall of yours - or how exactly did you manage to achieve that effect?

    Haha :)
  • Ah, good idea! I hadn't even thought of that. lol But I have no idea how that happened. I think there was a small gap since she couldn't place it right? So maybe it wasn't 100% as close to my wall as I thought (it might have been small enough gap that we couldn't walk through but big enough that it didn't count as being attached to my wall).

  • Okay good hint I'll look into it! There should be big enough gaps to be able to walk through.
  • I hope to see the shared locks happen soon. I think the original RUST implementation would be pretty good. Create a door and assign a code to it; anyone with the code can then open it.

    A few of us on the US server want to build a group shelter and pool our resources, but there's not much that can be done along those lines until we can share doors.

    One thing that concerns me about shelters is that anyone with time and patience can break into one without any real costs. It may break an axe or hammer, but that's still not much of a cost considering what may be hidden inside. There are really no repercussions or risks to running around and looting people's shelters/homes right now.

    What about some autonomous defenses that are capable of killing a raiding player? Maybe a booby-trapped door?

    Ooooor... an email alert system that alerts a player when a door/wall/fence that he/she has created is being damaged by another player?
  • I love those ideas, koros!!
  • With the next update you will be able to build stone and metal walls/doors which will be more secure than the wooden pendants. But they will still be breakable.

    Anyway I would highly recommend burying your stuff in the ground with a shovel. You just have to remember the spot, which shouldn't be to obvious for intruders. :)

    I love the idea with the traps. I will give them more thought when I got the basics done/refined. :)

    Thanks for your ideas! Keep them coming!
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