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Key mapping

I use the default key mapping propose by the game to the launch screen.
Azerty keyboard i switch to qwerty.
I have aleatory problem up down left right don't go in the good direction.
Space is already use to fire and left or right click don't operate.

Any idea ?


  • edited January 2015
    Hey Thespios,

    At the moment the key mapping do not really work. I wanted to fix that in the next version.
    Though the WASD keys and the mouse should work anyway.
    Do you have a USB game controller connected to your PC? Maybe unplug that one and try again. What happens when you press WASD or mouse buttons? Can you move the hand shaped mouse cursor ingame?

    Thanks for letting me know!
  • Yes i have an usb controller connected.
    I 'll try with it disconnected.
  • Did it work now? :)
  • It's ok with no USB controller.
  • Great. I will try to fix that game controller problem in the next version.
  • The problem should be fixed in version 0.5.2
    I also added rudimentary controller support ... I hope it works somewhat. ;)
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