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Moving around

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out? I just bought the game so there's a lot of unknown for me.

Anyway, so when I start the game and log on to a server, My character moves in the southeast direction by himself. I am not pressing any buttons.

Any help?


  • Hey Squirrel!
    Sorry for this behaviour! Can you send the output_log.txt in the Immune_Data folder to gabriel -at-
    Can you also tell me if you have some gamecontrollers connected or if reconnecting to the server helped in any way?
    What happened when you tried to move with WASD?
    Thanks for the help & sorry for the inconvenience,
  • edited January 2015
    Hey Ethan! :)

    I fixed the problem. Yeah, what happened was that I had a game controller connected.

    When I was pressing W,A,S,D they were working correctly but reconnecting to the server did not fix the problem.

    I'm able to play the game normally now. Nice work mate! The few things that somewhat bother me are that all of our inventory drops when we die, cars are difficult to drive and zombie are to strong for newbies.
  • Great! Thank you :)
    The cars are far from being great. I will redo them completely I think.
    I will think about the mutants for the next version.

    I am glad that you could solve your problems!
    Let me know if you have any more thougts on the game,
  • Game controllers should now work instead of messing things up.
    See version 0.5.2 on Steam.
    Thanks for the hint :)
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