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edited December 2014 in Immune
Character creation: Can you make a bald guy? Can you have beards?

Server Hosting: What type of bandwidth (Upload/Download speed) to run a server? For a community of say, 20 people, how much data would it eat a month? Can you password lock your server? Is there a server browser?

PvP: Can it be toggled on or off?

Key Mapping: Is there the ability to remap keys? I hate using WASD


  • The guy is bald as standard. ;)
    At the moment you can only put on vests and hats to change your look.
    But I want to integrate more variations of heads or whole bodies (like women!) in the future.

    Can't really say much about the bandwidth needs, but it's much lower than quite all shooter games, especially with just 20 players. The server is designed to handle like 100-200 players, so 20 should be easy.

    PVP is always on at the moment. But I could think of server options to turn it off if there's demand for it.

    Tell me if you have more questions!
  • I added the key mapping question late, wasn't sure if thats an option. Thoughts on controller support?
  • Yes good points, I'll take care of both soon! :)
  • Fantastic, nice to see, thanks man
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