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I was wondering if anyone could provide some more details on the PVP aspect of this game? Is it full loot? Is PVP only in certain areas? Thanks!


  • Hey Ferret,
    At the moment PVP is allowed everywhere (like f.ex. in Rust) and if you die you drop your whole loot = everything in your backpack.
    That means you have to hide your items somewhere save to make sure they are not all gone. For that reason I also integrated the possibility to hide items in the ground with the shovel.
    Let me know if there are more questions. :)
  • Isnt it easy that way to find other players hidden items in the ground? Or your items that are hidden are only visible for you ?
  • Well you have to stand quite exactly on the same spot to unhide it again with the shovel. So if you find a good spot it's QUITE safe. Try it yourself and tell me. :D
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