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my suggestions

add more zombies but make them easier too kill.
make cars easier to drive.
add more houses, trees, loot, everything.
maybe make view bigger around player by placing the camera higher, or an option to zoom out
will there be a karma system or something to differentiate bandits from friendly players ?


  • Yes the map is still very empty but that'll change of course. :)

    Good point about the cars and zombies. Do you think it'll do if I reduce their attack dmg to 10 instead of 20?

    I already started a karma system but wasn't sure if that's cool: I wanted to color the name depending on players karma, but I am not sure if that's the best solution.
  • Oops posted with wrong account.
    Gabriel = Ethan ;)
  • yes, add more zombies with lower HP and dmg.
    any type of karma system is good. Color names is a good start, later you can develop more if it is needed.
    Any thought on the zoom out or change of camera view ?
  • You are already able to zoom in and out again, but I think you want to get even more away from the player and the scene.
    My concern is, that the players and items might get too small then.
    But maybe I'll increase the cam height if you are driving in a car, since the car is moving a lot faster.
  • hello, brand new player here :)
    just tryed it out few minutes now , and i have the same feeling about the camera.

    what i suggest is to move the angle and raise the fov so we can actually see what we are going to face.

    imo, that angle would be perfect for this game. the whole idea is also to see our modded char better :)

    sry for the necro , but didnt want to open another thread
  • I'll experiment a bit with the camera but I didn't want a free rotating WoW like camera, because that would go too much in the 3rd person direction like all the other survival games.
    Maybe I could integrate your own character in the inventory or the tablet somehow, so you can see yourself better. What do you think?
    But I get that you miss out lots of information, because you can only see like 20 meters radius.
    Thanks for your feedback. Keep it coming!
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