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Immune Playtest #4 Instructions

edited October 2014 in Immune
Here are the instructions to get you going for Immune's alpha playtest on October 26, 2014.

3 steps to success:

1. Create an Immune game account (or use your account from the last playtest!):

2. Download the game:
Windows / Mac

3. Connect to a server near you: - Europe - North America - South America - Asia

Europe will probably be the most populated server. So if you feel lonely, you can always try to play on Europe. :)


H for help: controls, how to grow food, build stuff, craft items etc.
WASD to move
Left Mouse Button to select a player/npc for your next attack
Space to harvest materials from trees or scrap metal or to attack an enemy you have selected
E to pickup items, enter car, open/close doors etc.
Q for your health and hunger/thirst status
T or ENTER for global or local chat
ALT + F4 to quit the game


- If you don't see enemy or player characters or if they look messed up, please restart the game.
- If you get disconnected or if the game crashes, please just restart the game.
- If anything looks broken, please report it with a screenshot to ... and then restart the game.
- Please keep in mind that the game is still in early alpha. The map is quite empty, the NPCs are dumb and lots of stuff is still missing. The game is still work in progress.


- You get wood by hitting a tree with a weapon, your bare hands or even a car.
- You find stone or stonepiles in the desert or sandy areas.
- Metal piles are precious and are often guarded by soldiers.
- If you are slowly losing health it might be because you are out of energy. Eat or drink something!
- You can hide and unhide items with a shovel.

If you experience crashes, please send the "output_log.txt" from the Data folder to info AT vidiludi DOT com.
Thanks for playing and have lots of fun. :)

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