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Ranks, Levels and their advantages

edited October 2014 in Immune
Copy & paste from the blog:

"Today I started working on a rank system for Immune.
You get experience (XP) points for crafting, building or killing which define your rank in the game. If you die you lose a few percent of your XP. Maybe I'll add some perks for higher ranks, too, but I am not sure, yet.
After you reached the first rank, you will be able to see it as a colored roman numeral next to your name (see picture)."


What do you think should be the advantages for higher ranks?
I thought about crafting restrictions for lower levels, but I'd love to hear your ideas!



  • Higher damage/HP?

    Better/stronger crafts?

  • edited October 2014
    At the moment I was thinking about putting rank requirements on some items you can craft as you said.
    Wood wall - no rank requirements
    Brick wall - rank 4 +
    Metall wall - rank 8 +
    The same for armors, shoes and weapons.

    The increasing damage/hp thing might be too unfair for noobs. In the end I want the quality of your items to define your health/damage as in the other survival multiplayer games.
    Not quite sure about that, though.

    Keep the ideas coming. :) The next playtest will be coming soon.
  • Hmm yeah, I will have more ideas once I can try it out, but yeah you're probably right about the damage/hp buffs.
  • The next playtest will be end of October. Probably Sunday the 26th.
    I will announce it soon in the Facebook playtest group.

    Hope you can come, too!
  • Yeahh I missed it XD. I will be there for the next one. :-)
  • I hope so! :)
    I think I'll also send a newsletter next time, so people don't miss it.
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