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Playtest Footage!

In case some people missed the playtest and wanted to see what he game looks like outside of the trailers, I filmed a good amount of game play before the game finally crashed on me (after seeing another player)


  • edited September 2014
    Hey, great video! Looks a bit foggy, but nice footage. Thanks!
    Can you send me the output_log.txt in the Data folder, so I can see what caused your crash? My email is gabriel at vidiludi dot com
  • My apologies for the fuzziness, my video editing software kinda messed with the quality-a bit, an added black bars, but I was in a rush and did not have time to iron out the flaws

    And the output log has been sent
  • It also looks like it lagged for you. From which country were you playing from and on which server?
  • The North US Server I believe, and I'm located on the East Coast of the US
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