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Some Idea for Immune :D by sciacallopentito

Hi guys, i have some, i hope, nice ideas for this game.

My Nick in Game: sciacallopentito

1) If the player is Immune his home can be Immune too, to do it need a craftable items, this items can be put just into homes and generate a Special Area where all doors, or walls are Immune if the player is immune, doors with password dont need (why copy a idea from Unturned? Anyway can be nice ) and just good guys have a safehouse ;D ( or is usless to be good guy and help all new player if we found our house raided all time )

2) a Big BackBag for people with a high rank, u can add some rank ( lol, i think im already rank 20 :D )

3) Map need a glass effect, to see what we doing when the map is open

4) Add some different chat: whisper, group and clan ( i think u must create group and clan before )

5) Car need a Hp Indicator

6) Add Fps and Ping Indicator ( player can active it with a keyboard button )

7) Restore the old rule of Immunity, if one Immune player attack a SkullRed guy dont lost his Immunity ( this can be good for your game Gabriel because i see a bad thing, a lot of old player camping the noob spwan area, i mean the little boat, or in safezone and they kill all new player no reason. result: a lot of people leave the game, forever, after 20 30 minutes of game :/ ).

8) Game need some GM online and Report system, if u want i know some guys avaible to be GM ;). one is a guy 30years old :p

9) The dog need some upgrade. the dog should be faster, we lost the dog if we have equiped Shoes ( 5% or 10% ) and enable it to enter by car

Anyway sorry my bad english,
have fun guys and rember to be good
help new player dont kill they for no reason



  • great ideas!, would be brill if this could come onto the game.
  • +1 Nice ideas!
  • would be great :)
  • You mean the buildings should be immune to damage, too, when you are a saint? That would enforce griefing too much. That's why you are losing karma even when attacking skull players. Some players just trolled too hard while beeing saint.

    A bigger backpack would be cool. I was thinking about a backpack case, like hats or skins. Not sure yet. :)

    The chat is bad at the moment that's right. A chat system like you mention it would be cool.

    The rest makes sense, too. Some of it is already on my todo list, but I just had more important stuff to do. We will see when I come to this. :)
  • edited October 2016
    Yes i mean the buildings should be immune to damage if the player is immune and i mean a bigger backpack for high rank player. It's ok losting point, was just because you lost player every day, people abuse of elite items and kill noobs all the time, all RedSkull player in game are it just because kill all new player :/

    anyway i hope the home can be Immune for a immune player :-)
  • I highly agree on the part where immune players, basically the ones with 100% karma are not punished for punishing the ones with very low karma the ones who frequently raid and kill fresh spawns, this way they are more forced into the survival mode and killing becomes a necessity instead of a pleasure.

    Along with the statement of immune player's house's would be immune aswell with a cost ofcourse, this would stop raids and camping one certain player for their stuff when they go offline.

    Highly recommend all what was stated.
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